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How Does a Key-Cutting Machine Work?

by citiclean33

When many humans think about locksmiths, they straight away think about key-slicing and substitute keys for those they’ve been unlucky sufficient to lose or harm. It is going without announcing that our MPL Locksmith Training Courses cowl key-slicing machines and a way to use them.

Key-slicing machines can also add most effective be one small part of the various matters you’ll study in our publications, however, they’re a critical part. So, let’s begin getting to know approximately them. How does a key-slicing gadget paint? Is it dangerous? And how correct is the important thing it produces?


Don’t fear in case you don’t recognize what key-slicing is – many humans don’t. Key-slicing is certainly the maximum famous manner to supply keys withinside the United Kingdom. It may be carried out in certainly considered one among distinctive ways: you may both make a reproduction of an current key, or you may produce a brand new key altogether.

When used correctly, key-slicing machines are safe, correct, and powerful devices. They produce substitute keys in a count number of minutes – however most effective in case you recognise a way to use them efficiently.

Even as generation keeps to increase and locksmiths use an increasing number of digital tools, the important thing-slicing gadget stays ever-present. Quite simply, there’ll usually be a call for for protection keys, and for his or her spares as well.


Like each generation, there are numerous distinctive sorts of key-slicing machines. Thankfully, at the whole, they have a tendency to apply the identical mechanisms. Although there can be one or elements that vary from one gadget to the subsequent, key-slicing machines are generally very similar.

On our Locksmith Training Courses, you’ll discover ways to use the maximum famous key-slicing machines withinside the industry. And in case you ought to ever encounter a distinctive form of gadget, you’ll have the capabilities and understanding had to select up its subtleties quickly.

One of the maximum critical matters we educate on our publications is to usually use the commands guide while negotiating unexpected key-slicing machines for the primary time.


The fact is that as locksmith generation has advanced, key-slicing machines have come to be quicker and less difficult to apply. This is terrific information for trainee locksmiths!

Key-slicing machines paintings at the ‘copy’ principle. As you hint the tooth of 1 key with the important thing-slicing gadget, a separate a part of the gadget concurrently grinds the reproduction tooth into the clean key this is being cut.

First of all, try to choose a clean key which is analogous in look to the unique key. Insert the unique key into the primary vice – make certain that the tooth are seen and going through upward. You ought to then insert the clean key into the second one vice. This is wherein the slicing blade is located. Ensure that each keys are tightly secured and won’t pass all through the slicing process.

Before switching the gadget on, make certain to shut the protecting cowl.

Once it’s been switched on, your gadget will routinely discover the rate and attitude at which the slicing wheel ought to be spinning. Simply hint the tooth and grooves of the unique key and, as soon as you’re finished, transfer off the gadget. Use a twine brush to cast off any particles and varnish off any hard edges.

Make certain that there aren’t anyt any sharp edges to the important thing. The final factor you need to do now could be insert a pointy key into the lock and harm the lock irreparably. Especially now which you have keys!

Compare the 2 keys side-by-side. Are they an equal match? If they are, then your key is right to go. However, when you have any doubts approximately the define of the brand new key, then re-insert the unique key, grasp any other clean, and try and create a extra correct key the use of the identical method.


You’ll study the whole thing you want to recognise approximately key-slicing and key-slicing machines on our City & Guilds Accredited five Day Specialist Locksmith Training Course. The basics also are protected on our three Day Training Course. Key-slicing isn’t always obligatory for locksmiths to provide as a part of their services, however is a totally beneficial ability to study.

Anybody can educate to come to be a locksmith with our pleasant and expert team – our testimonials communicate for themselves, and there’s no one higher to get you began out at the proper path for you.

Find out approximately the supply for our subsequent schooling publications, and the way you may start your adventure to turning into a totally certified locksmith today.

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