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How do I Import Outlook OLM into Apple Mail?

Directly Import Outlook OLM into Apple Mail Supported MBOX File on Mac OS X

by maccarter

Do you want to import Outlook OLM into Apple Mail on Mac OS X? Looking for a suitable technique to convert OLM to MBOX? Then, do not worry because in the following article we are going to discuss an ultimate and powerful procedure that will help to import Outlook OLM into Apple Mail precisely without data loss. Let’s understand the conversion of OLM to MBOX in a better way through a query that is quite common these days and many users are asking the same on different forum sites.

Common Scenario:

Hey Guys!

I recently moved to Apple Mail from Outlook Mac email client due to official reason. Now, I have number of OLM files that I want to import into Apple Mail application. And, I am unable to find an appropriate method for the same. Because, Apple Mail only accepts files that supports .mbox extension. The challenge in front of me is I am not getting proper solution to convert OLM to MBOX. So, it will be great if anyone could recommend me safe method that can precisely perform the conversion between them. Thanks!

Outlook for Mac and Apple Mail are both popular personal information management applications. Many corporates and individuals make use of them as per their requirements. The only difference is if a user export data from Mac Outlook, then they will get the same in the OLM folder. Whereas Apple Mail creates an MBOX extension that stores the complete list of emails and attachments. And, they both are compatible with their respective email applications. So, one needs to convert OLM to MBOX to access OLM files in the Apple Mail email client.

How to Import Outlook OLM into Apple Mail?

OLM Converter for Mac is a perfect choice for all those users who wants to import multiple OLM files into Apple Mail at once. The solution is cost-effective, secure, and trouble-free. Anyone ranging from professional to non-professional users can use the application to effortlessly import OLM files into MBOX format. The steps are not complicated as they are direct and will complete the conversion in three clicks with accurate results.

Moreover, the software delivers powerful features with the help of which users will be able to import OLM files to Apple Mail as per requirements. Download the trial edition of the software to test the conversion process of OLM files to Apple Mail for free.

Steps to Import Outlook OLM into Apple Mail on Mac

Step 1. Run OLM to MBOX Converter for Mac on macOS.

Step 2. Add OLM mailboxes as per requirements by using Add File(s) and Add Folder buttons. Click Next.


Step 3. Tool will check and list the selected OLM files on the software pane. They will appear with checkboxes that you can tick in case you want to convert selective OLM files otherwise press Next.


Step 4. Tap Select Saving Option and choose MBOX from the list.


Step 5. Apply the MBOX sub-options as per your need and start the conversion by clicking Next.

Step 6. The conversion of OLM to MBOX is now start and the ongoing procedure will appear on Live Conversion screen.


The process will take few minutes and terminate with 100% accuracy. Users will receive a “Conversion Completed” message once all files are successfully transferred to MBOX. Now, you can go to the saved location of the MBOX file and import it to a required Apple Mail account.

Steps to Import Resultant MBOX into Mac Mail

Follow the steps and check the process to import MBOX files into Mac Mail:

Step 1. Open Mac Apple Mail email client.

Step 2. Go to File and select the Import Mailboxes option.

Step 3. Select the option “Files in .mbox format” and click Continue.

Step 4. Go to the location and pick the resultant MBOX files and hit Choose button.

Step 5.The procedure will start and the resultant files will successfully import to the required Apple Mail account.

The accuracy will remain unaltered and the content as well as formatting properties will appear in an original state.


The blog above discussed a method that is quite advance and reliable. It is suitable for all organizations and individuals who want to import unlimited MBOX files into Mac Mail on Mac OS X. The Mac OLM Converter is a verified solution that Mac users can instantly use without a second thought. Download the freeware version now and import the first 25 OLM files to Mac Mail for free. It will help in getting a complete understanding of the software procedure and features.

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