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How Can New Investors Benefit From The Capital?

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With home prices rising over the past few years, you may be in a position to use your newly built capital to expand your real estate portfolio.

One of the most powerful components of real estate ownership is access to equity capital and the ability to use it to purchase investment properties.

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If you are considering starting to grow your real estate portfolio. So how do you do it?

Know Your True Self

The first thing to check is that you have access to your assets.

Lenders often want to know that you can put as much as 20 percent down on your home value when you take out your first mortgage. Similarly, if you want to access the equity in your property, they will need to know you have that money.

If your property has appreciated in value since you bought it and you make regular principal and interest payments. Perhaps you’re in a country where you have additional interests that you can tap into.

It’s sometimes possible to buy and refinance a home with less than 20 percent equity through tools like Lender’s Mortgage Insurance (LMI), but if you’re below that level, talk to a mortgage broker and compare your options. is better.


This strategy allows you to access the capital of your assets through refinancing. which issues the next loan (or several loans) and effectively pays off the existing mortgage.

If you bought a property for $500,000 using a $100,000 deposit and the house went up in value to $800,000, you’d see your net worth increase by $400,000.

If you refinance your property, you can put down 20 percent of the property’s value. And potentially up to $240,000 you can invest in investment properties.

Using your money through refinancing is an incredibly powerful tool to grow your portfolio.

Use Your Equity.

After refinancing and increasing the capital of your assets. You can use it as a deposit in an investment property.

The main considerations here are that you will need to secure refinancing and other real estate purchases.

For example, even if you have access to $240,000 in equity capital, you may not be able to afford $1 million in real estate. Unless your income and rent can support it.

If you have the ability to provide services, you can choose the best way to proceed by expanding your real estate portfolio.


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