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How Can I Scrape Contacts From Google Maps?

How To Scrape Google Maps Contacts?

by usmanabbasi99
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As we all know, Google Maps has tremendous value for having over 12 million companies built a company page on it. We are living in the era of social networking and we benefit from the information on Google Maps, especially for startup companies and someone who is starting a new career in freelancing for b2b lead generation. Scraping Google Maps is hugely beneficial for any number of reasons. Unfortunately, scraping Google Maps can be difficult if you have no experience with web scraping so we’ll be sharing some non-technical and technical methods for scraping Google Maps data.

In the following content, we will talk about Google Maps data scraping knowledge and the best Google Maps scraper to help you extract data from Google Maps easily and quickly.

How To Scrape Google Maps Contacts Automatically?

Since the Google Maps data is free and available for everyone so you can scrape data from Google Maps without any issue.

What if I need some Google Maps data? A data vendor who does not agree to the Google Maps T&C may help you gather the data you want from the public Google Maps search results. Or, remember everything you need from Google Maps in your mind.

However, this is not a convenient way to scrape Google Maps data. You can get business data from Google Maps according to your needs by using the best Google Maps Scraper. Google Maps scraping is now legal in many countries, but you need to still pay attention to our data usage and personal information protection.

What Is The Best Google Maps Scraper?

Google Maps Data Extractor can extract business data from Google Maps without any coding skills asked. It supports Windows systems, and you can scrape Google Maps for any country by using it. With Google Maps Crawler, you can create your own b2b database for any country and industry, and you just need to make some modifications with clicks. Here are the simple steps you can extract Google Maps data easily.

Steps to Scrape Google Maps Data with Google Map Extractor

1: Download and launch this no-coding Google Maps scraper for free. Copy the target Google Maps URL and paste it to Google Map Extractor software.

2: The Google Maps Email Extractor will fetch all the data from this Google Maps URL like email address, phone number, social media links, ratings, reviews, and much more.

3: The scraped Google Maps data can be downloaded as Excel or CSV file to your local device.

4: You can find data on Google Maps by business name, zip code, country code, address, and business listing URL with the help of this Google Maps Lead Extractor.

If you still feel confused about scraping Google Maps, please visit our website(ahmadsoftware.com) and watch video tutorials to find more information.

Final Thoughts:

Without Google Maps Listings Scraper this would be a challenging task to scrape Google Maps for b2b leads. Thankfully, this no-code Google Maps Lead Generation tool is a powerful service, allowing anyone to scrape Google Maps with just a few clicks. This is particularly useful when you need bulk data from Google Maps for marketing, lead generation, freelancing, and business purposes.

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