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Guide for A New Wall Décor Item – Handwoven Baskets

Introducing all the new and ravishing handwoven baskets for the walls of your living room, bedroom, entrance or even the hallways of your home!

by whisperinghomes

Trending as number 1, apart from the sleek wall vases and wall plates for decoration, the handwoven baskets have the power to capture people with their good looks and beautiful color schemes! Whether you want to have them as a wall décor item for your Bohemian home décor, monochromatic or even the minimalist décor, you have the liberty to choose your favorite pick from the lot in our store. Another best thing aabout these handwoven baskets is that they are available in different sizes. The variety of sizes makes it easier for you to choose for your home – the one which will be the most suited for the walls of your room!

What type of handwoven baskets will fit the interior home décor at my place?

As already mentioned earlier, the handwoven baskets from Whispering Homes come with a wide range of options available for you. Whether it is in the size of the wall baskets or the color combination and design of the baskets that you want to choose from, you are free to have a pick! There is no confusion about whether the wall baskets will fit your home interior décor or not because they definitely will!


From the wide range of options that the Whispering Homes provide you with, here are some of the top-class handwoven baskets that you might want to have a special look at for its beauty and elegance!

  • Kabilar handwoven Sabai grass basket – if you are someone who loves floral patterns, then you are definitely going to fall in love with this piece! Experiment with the beauty of the walls with this uniquely made wall handwoven basket to introduce a speck of eclectic colors into your room background. The colorful and simply designed Sabai grass basket looks mesmerizing on the walls of your living room, bedroom or even the hallways and entrance of your home! Having a color combination of yellow, brown, and beige on a black base color makes the whole thing look beautiful as ever.
  • Awiti handwoven Sabai grass basket – being available in different colors and sizes, this minimalist yet attractive piece of wall décor levels up the ambiance of your home décor. Adding a different visual dimension to the walls of your living room or bedroom, this pure-quality basket of Sabai grass defines elegance and grace! The simplicity of the basket wins the heart of anyone who comes over to your place to have a gala time. Give life to the otherwise boring walls of your home with none other than this beautiful and aesthetic piece of handwoven baskets!
  • Fisnor handwoven Sabai grass basket – styled with the perfect elegance and grace, this wall hanging basket from the store of Whispering Homes is no less than anything else that can illuminate your home with its beauty! Incorporating the true aesthetic vibes in your home décor, the use of bright colors and eye-catching visual dimensions provide a different look to the overall ambiance. It is ideal to display this in a set of 2 or 3, so that the entire wall gets decorated with them and you do not have to think about anything else!

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