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Get a perfect shine in minutes with this power waxer!

power waxer

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The Power waxer is a device that attaches to an ordinary drill and allows the user to quickly and easily apply a coat of wax to furniture. It can also be used on other surfaces, such as floors or walls. The waxer has a power cord and a long extension cord so that it can reach all areas of the piece of furniture being waxed. It comes with three different types of wax: paste, liquid, and cream.

How to use the power waxer:

The power waxer is a handy tool for furniture and other woodwork. It can be used to apply a thin coat of wax that will protect the surface and give it a nice shine. Here are some tips on how to use the power waxer:

1. Make sure that the object you are waxing is free of dirt and dust. Clean it with a cloth or brush before applying the wax.

2. Apply a thin layer of wax to the surface with the power waxer. Work in small sections so that the wax does not dry before you have a chance to spread it around.

3. Let the wax dry completely before buffing it off with a soft cloth.

Benefits of using a power waxer:

As a homeowner, you are likely always looking for ways to make your life easier. One way to do this is by using a power waxer. This tool can be used to quickly and easily wax furniture, which will help protect it from scratches and dings. What makes the power waxer so great is that it allows you to apply wax quickly and evenly, without having to worry about getting the wax on your hands or clothing. In addition, the power waxer can also be used to remove old wax from furniture, which will help restore it to its original condition. Read more on kyalu

Tips and tricks:

When it comes to waxing your furniture, there is no need to spend hours on your hands and knees. A power waxer can do the job quickly and easily, making your furniture look like new again. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your power waxer:

1. Make sure that you are using the correct type of wax for the surface that you are working on. For example, use a soft paste wax for wood furniture and a liquid wax for laminate surfaces.

2. Always test a small area before starting on the larger surface. This will help to ensure that the wax is compatible with the material and that you are happy with the results.

3. Always use a circular motion when waxing furniture. This will help to distribute the wax evenly and will avoid any streaks or marks.


When it comes to furniture, a power waxer can help you achieve the perfect finish in a fraction of the time. Not only is a power waxer faster, but it also produces a more even finish than using traditional methods.

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