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German fashion magazines

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German Magazines are divided into categories

  • News & General
  • Business
  • Computers & IT
  • Automobile
  • Celebs & Gossip
  • Teen
  • Home and Garden
  • Sport
  • Politics
  • Fashion & Style

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It’s never difficult to find out about something you’re passionate about. German magazines cover your hobbies, passions or pastimes.

Here are some selections of German magazines most loved by German speakers living in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.

These are all available online as well as in hard copy.

News & General

  • Der Spiegel, 675,000 copies sold weekly. Germany’s largest news magazine. The focus is on politics as well as business. A version in English is also available online. It does not necessarily contain one-to-1 translations of original German articles.
  • Stern, a weekly newsletter, 360,000 editions It was founded 1948 and is highly respected by journalists because of its focus on photography as well as longer, more detailed reporting. It is a direct competitor of Der Spiegel and Focus.
  • Focus, 250,000, was created in 1993 as a rival to Der Spiegel. The magazine focuses less on politics, economics, and more upon everyday themes, such as family, finances and careers.
  • Profil, around 90,000.0 copies of the Austrian Der Spiegel magazine.


  • Capital, motto “Wirtschaft ist Gesellschaft”, a monthly finance and business magazine selling around 120,000 copies.
  • WirtschaftsWoche (WIWO), a weekly business magazine, selling around 100,000 copies. WiWoGreen, which is a portal focusing on green topics, was started in 2013.

Computers & IT

  • c’t, Magazin fur Computer Technik in Germany, is Germany’s most respected computer magazine.


  • Auto Bild, a popular weekly automotive magazine, sold about 250,000 copies. They also have a series of digital platforms that are related to the brand.
  • Auto, Motor und Sport, published every fortnight, with a main focus on test report. A circulation of about 330,000
  • Celebs & Gossip
  • Commonly known simply as “Tratsch- und Klatsch”
  • BUNTE Germany’s #1 gossip weekly. The magazine has a circulation in excess of 340,000. It’s frequently involved in court cases against celebrities it covers.

Bravo, the largest teen magazine has evolved into a major brand. It also owns several spin-off magazines like Bravo Hits (music), Bravo Sport and Bravo sport. Bravo TV is a youth TV publication, Bravo sport and Bravo Hits music, as well as www.bravo.de, an online portal.

  • Gewinn, “Das Wirtschaftsmagazin Fur Ihren Personlichen Vorteil”, an Austrian personal finance magazine, selling around 50,000 copies monthly.

Sport Bild, insight into German sport. While the majority of attention is given to football, handball is also being explored.


  • EMMA is Das politische Magazin for Menschen.
  • Internationale Politik, Das Magazin fur globales Denken has a global English edition. It’s the Journal of the German Council on Foreign Relations.
  • Cicero is Magazin fur politisches Kunst, a monthly publication with a conservative orientation.

Fashion & Style

Commonly refered to as “Frauenzeitschriften”!

  • Bild der Frau: Europe’s most well-known weekly German women magazine. It has a circulation exceeding 500,000 and a readership exceeding 4 million.
  • Brigitte is a fortnightly publication that reaches more German woman than any other magazine. With a circulation of 800,000, and an estimated readership, of.
  • Elle, Elle Deutschland – Elle magazine’s German equivalent. Elle magazine focuses on fashion. Elle Deutschland also features beauty and lifestyle articles.
  • Freundin, a weekly women’s magazine with a circulation close to 360,000.

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