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Does Urgent Care A Type Of Walk In Clinic?

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Urgent care is the communication between the healthcare doctor and the physician enabling the facility to offer the best healthcare services. The clinic also helps tackle medical issues offered in emergency rooms. Our facility Is meant to provide timely and convenient patient care when your primary care physician is unavailable. Also, urgent care treatments typically need comprehensive knowledge.

Medical Conditions Covered at Urgent Care

Urgent care doctors can ask for imaging and lab tests, including x-rays. The services help offer the right diagnosis, enabling doctors to come up with the right treatment plans. Urgent care has established a list of health and medical conditions it can treat. Unlike emergency rooms that offer expensive care services, urgent care provides affordable services in the shortest time possible. Here are the medical services offered at urgent care clinics.

1. Treatment of Minor Burns and Injuries

Urgent care North Hills is always ready to provide quick treatment to non-severe ailments. The type of injuries that urgent care facilities deal with are cuts, fractures, and broken bones. Suppose the patient has serious burns; the best option will be to visit an emergency room to seek the right treatment. A Walk-in clinic can only cater to non-life-threatening conditions. During the treatment of burns, the doctor will clean the area and apply some antibiotic cream.

2. Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains typically have similar symptoms with little difference. The treatment of sprains and strains requires it to be handled well. Therefore, you should count on North Hills urgent care clinic for professional medical treatment instead of seeking help at the emergency room, where you get expensive services. They make you wait for several hours before getting treatment.

3. Pediatric Care

Urgent care treatments puts your interests first, and the rest follows. The treatment wards at an urgent care facility are professionally made with the children’s psyche in mind. Still, you can have your whole family treated at this family clinic. You will also get x-ray imaging, pharmacies, and lab test services. The clinic has been dealing with pediatric patients for years, which means they have a wealth of skills and experience in treating children.

4. Skin Rashes and Irritations

Many factors can contribute to some infections. These rashes are mostly minor and do resolve on their own. Some types of rashes get to be severe if not treated, and they might cause fatal complications in the future. Therefore, if you have a rash that does not resolve in days or gets worse, you will need to consult a dermatologist and get medical treatment as early as possible before things get out of control.

4. Ear Infections

Mostly, these issues affect children who are five years and below. However, adults can as well; get these infections as well. At urgent care, ear infections can be easily resolved. Here, you will receive specialized treatment.


Urgent care treatments is a smart solution to non-life-threatening issues. Several reasons might cause you to seek medical help at an urgent care facility instead of a hospital. The best thing about urgent care is the wide range of services. It is a walk-in facility where you will get high-quality treatment for non-severe ailments in the shortest time possible. Visiting urgent care is highly beneficial because you will get the treatment you are looking for in less than an hour.


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