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Digital Collaboration – The Future of Every Organization

by james

Collaboration is an indispensable and eminent segment of an organization’s growth. It involves not only the employees, but also the leaders and clients of the organization. A successful organization is successful with the help of collaboration in a workplace. Collaboration simply means people working together in a sync to find solutions to problems, giving ideas on how to enhance their workflow to achieve common goals, etc.

Now this collaboration has been taken to a whole nother level. With the hit of pandemic across the globe, there has been a term used by almost every individual of an organization. This term is called ‘Digital Collaboration’. 

We know that collaboration is an integral part of organization’s or business growth. But what will happen when people have to sit at home, or have to work from somewhere else apart from their workplace due to some reason? How will we collaborate in such cases? The recent outbreak of a pandemic led to worldwide lockdown, which made people work remotely. That’s when the surge of online collaboration occurred across the globe. 

Online collaboration has made collaboration possible from any part of the world, with the help of online collaboration software. It not only made collaboration easier but also helped augment organizational workflow, eventually helping you complete tasks much faster. 

How digital collaboration stimulates workflow in an organization?

Digital collaboration is collaboration done with the help of technology and online tools. These online tools and technology consist of apps, tools, software, processes or procedures. Let’s know how social collaboration helps improve workflow in an organization.

  1. Enhanced team interaction and engagement
  2. Quick access to information and data
  3. Refined business implementation
  4. Ideas and knowledge sharing

How to enhance digital collaboration in your organization?

Digital collaboration being an integral part of an organization’s growth needs proper handling. Here is how you can improve social collaboration in your organization.

  1. Organized and planned approach is essential.
  2. Employment of collaboration tools that are work oriented and do not become a distraction in the long run. 
  3. Construct a common cache for storing and sharing documents
  4. Make notes of different time zone differences

What is the importance of improved digital collaboration?

Statistics says, 91% of employees feel that their efficiency and productivity has improved at home than at office, the reason being significant use of online collaboration tools. The improved digital collaboration enhances communication and cooperation among employees. Furthermore, it improves flow of information, ideas to manage and develop, and amplifies performance and efficiency in the workplace.

Benefits of online collaboration:

  • Nurture problem solving
  • Prompts innovation and ideas
  • Recognize team towards the bigger goal
  • Enhances skills and learning
  • Improves employees contentment
  • Alignment across teams

Let’s look into the top digital collaboration tools.

Online Collaboration Software

  1. Asana
  2. Todoist
  3. Slack
  4. Zoho Projects
  5. Microsoft 365

Let us know about these in a bit more detail.


This online collaboration software is an outstanding tool for digital collaboration. It basically helps and manages almost all the tasks required for collaboration. It has been here since 2008, and has been an excellent arena for collaboration. Big organizations like Intel, Ted, Pinterest, Uber, etc have been using this software for their collaboration. 

Asana is a digital collaboration tool designed in a way that is easy to use and allows you to track employees progress and get finest results for achieving the organization’s common goals. The online collaboration software offers you to organize your project in either list or board format. There is an option to locate a particular work or project in the format. Furthermore, leaders and team members can assign tasks to each other, and also see the progress of the ongoing projects.


Todoist is the world’s number one task manager and to-do list app. This digital collaboration tool allows you to organize tasks, manage them, work on hundreds of templates according to what is on your plate, and customize the app as per your priorities. The app offers you to connect with other tools, linking with your calendar, voice assistant, etc. For the clarity of its users, the to do list is automatically sorted into today, tomorrow, upcoming and other custom filters. 


Slack is one of the most powerful software tools, used by many people world wide. It is an easy to use platform that you can install on your mobile as well as desktop. It has an incredible collection of options and settings.

This app also offers video callings that enables you to talk with your colleagues about work, projects, etc. Slack also has a free version though with limitations, but it works well too. 

Zoho Projects 

Zoho Projects is a digital collaboration tool that allows you to manage tasks and projects with the help of a number of efficient tools. This app is cost efficient with multiple helpful features. It gives you an appealing choice for small and growing business organizations. 

Microsoft 365

This may not be the well known online collaboration software for collaboration but it is essential as Microsoft Office is still the most used office suite all over the world. The reasons as to why it is a good digital collaboration tool is because, first, it is a familiar software that you have been using since a long time, second, it allows collaborative editing, most importantly it is cost efficient, so it is healthy for startups and growing businesses.

How to estimate the influence of online collaboration?

Now measuring the impact of digital collaboration is an important aspect to know how far you have reached in your objectives through collaborations. Here are some of the ways to do so.

  • Recognize the issues and problems
  • Look if there is any technology drain
  • Discuss your OKRs

End Note

Online collaboration software makes collaboration easier and faster, hence welcoming better performance and productivity. It brings together all the necessary people in a common platform even while working from anywhere around the world. The collaboration gives you a better perspective to look into tasks and projects, and find stronger and fitter ways to enhance performance and productivity of the organization, leading to successful growth.

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