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Design and Development Tools To Boost The Productivity Of Your Remote Team

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Design and Development Tools To Boost The Productivity

There’s no denying that the remote model is here to stay. Offering the needed flexibility to the employees, remote working allows the companies to meet their goals while keeping the cost minimal. 

But, given the freedom available to employees, it’s pretty standard for some team members to slack. So, how do you deal with declining productivity while working with your team remotely? 

To help you target and keep tabs on your employees, here are the most common development tools for a remote team. Read on to explore the features of the tools and how they can help your company boost productivity and employee engagement. 

What Is A Remote Model?

For some, it might seem pretty obvious. But here is a thorough explanation anyway. 

Any type of job that doesn’t involve a physical presence at the office is considered remote work. Freelancers, consultants, contractors, independent workers, and virtual assistants are a few examples of people who work remotely. 

It refers to working remotely, whether from a home office or somewhere else. It has grown prevalent, especially among millennials who choose to work remotely, and is one of the primary efforts for many businesses.

Since working from home saves time and increases productivity, many people prefer to do so. Having the proper design tool for remote employees improves workplace happiness and aids in retaining top employees.

Why Do You Need Development Tools For Remote Teams? 

Working remotely has several benefits. Companies are embracing remote employment because it lowers their operating costs. Because they don’t have to supply office space, equipment, and utilities, or invest in a product they don’t need, it helps companies cut expenses. 

Because they don’t have to go to an office every day, employees may save money. Additionally, it enables them to complete their task on schedule while allowing them to spend more time with their loved ones.

You can track remote employees’ progress, create processes to standardize work, and facilitate communication and cooperation by using the proper management software solution in your workplace. 

Top 5 Design Tool For Remote Employees

Searching for the best design tools to boost your remote team’s productivity? Here’s what you need to look for: 


One of the most well-liked design collaboration tools available is InVision, which has over 7 million users globally, including every company on the Fortune 100 list. 

Your ability to quickly create interactive prototypes (with limited functionality) that you can present to other stakeholders is InVision’s key selling point. 

When working through the design process, it may be extremely useful to demonstrate to other team members or clients how a website or app will operate. 

Although you, as a designer, usually have no trouble visualizing the finished result, it’s crucial to keep in mind that someone without any design knowledge can find it difficult. 

You can better communicate your ideas by demonstrating an interactive prototype to them.


You can develop wireframes for websites and web, desktop, and mobile apps with Balsamiq, a design collaboration tool. 

When it comes to swiftly scribbling out low-fidelity wireframes, the startup views itself as competing with pen and paper. For them, speed is more important than specifics. 

This tool is used by designers, business owners, developers, and product managers due to its simplicity. 

Working with employees that lack design knowledge and could find more complex UX design tools scary, such as Adobe XD or Figma, is made much easier with this choice.


Due to its adaptability, Figma is a well-liked design tool among professional designers. 

It may be used to generate animations, interactive prototypes, low-fidelity and high-fidelity designs, and more. It is an all-encompassing design tool. 

Figma’s ability to share design concepts via shareable links is one of my favorite features. This is practical since it’s the simplest approach to demonstrate your effort. They only need an internet connection to access it; they don’t require a Figma account. 

Using this software, you can also build a design system that houses all of your design resources (backgrounds, icons, typefaces, etc.) in one location. 

Additionally, Figma offers a different tool called FigJam, an online whiteboard for teams. You can use it as inspiration or trend map the most recent ideas. 


A project management application called Filestage focuses on managing reviews, comments, and approvals. 

Filestage might be a perfect answer if you frequently find yourself bogged down in a never-ending email back-and-forth, find it challenging to keep track of all the comments, and are forced to chase down stakeholders to gain the go-ahead. 

By offering a platform where you can exchange design files with various stakeholders, compile their input in one location, and have your work authorized once that feedback has been included, Filestage may help bring order to all of this turmoil.


Many design tools are available from Mockplus. 

You may construct websites and mobile apps with the desktop program Mockplus Classic. It highlights quickness. Various pre-made components can be used to do tasks rapidly. Additionally, a Sketch integration is available. 

A platform for collaboration called Mockplus Cloud makes it easier for product managers, designers, and developers to collaborate. 

Use the online application Mockplus DS to construct and manage design systems. The most recent version of your design system may be made available to everyone, security permissions can be set up, and you can assemble all of your design materials in one location. 

You can meet all of your collaboration needs by merging all three applications, making it a fantastic one-stop shop for resources.

Top 5 Development Tools For Remote Team

Want to stay on top of your development game? Use the following tools to boost your team’s productivity and enhance the performance rate. 

Codementor for Teams 

It’s thrilling and challenging all at once to stay up with quickly evolving technologies. With deadlines approaching, it is difficult to expect everyone on the team to be up to date on all the most recent developments. 

The team’s version of Codementor Mentors, who are specially created for development teams, may aid your team’s learning curve, offer guidance on best practices, and make sure your team is knowledgeable about the most recent information. If a team member needs someone to go over their code or provide a helping hand with a complex problem, they may also get in touch with Codementor directly.


When doing production levels on the team decline? Which developer should receive this challenging specialized ticket? Which repos are embarrassingly quickly accruing technical debt? GitClear could be worth looking at if your team is having trouble providing answers to these queries. 

GitClear assesses the “Line Impact” of repos and code to give managers and team leads the information they need to develop best practices for an effective team, claiming to “analyze your existing Git data to uncover actionable possibilities.”


Agile development software called Codegiant was developed to make it simple for teams to create and monitor issues. You can get started right away with a little learning curve thanks to the user-friendly and straightforward design. Both kanban and scrum boards are readily accessible and may be customized to best suit the working methods of your team. 

Additionally, teams may use Codegiant’s built-in CI/CD tools to assure continuous integration, access private repositories, and simply produce publishable documentation.


Gradle is a JVM-based open-source build automation tool that is adaptable enough to create practically any kind of software. Gradle, which is performance-optimized, runs tests only when the outputs or inputs have changed. 

Additionally, it offers services like build scans, which, according to Eric Wendelin, Lead Software Engineer at Gradle, stated that the platform helps the team members to collaborate and solve some significant problems and loopholes witnessed by most development teams.


Do you want to prolong the traditional Vim experience while using your browser, or do you want to take a vacation from the mouse pad? By adding Vimmium as an extension, you may navigate your browser using keyboard shortcuts inspired by Vim for convenience, nostalgia, or just plain geeking out. Currently, Chrome and Firefox support it.

Hire Remote Developers For Your Team 

While these tools can help your development team multitudes of times, it’s imperative you start your development project by hiring the right team. 

If you want to hire remote developers for your team, you can reach out to us and hire the best talent at the lowest prices. We allow you to hire a team either on a monthly contract basis or for a long-term project. 

Contact us now to know more.

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