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Delta Unaccompanied Minor Policy: Approval for Solo Trip for the Minors

Delta Airlines UMNR Policy

by morganatheni

Due to some reason, you cannot travel with your kid, and undoubtedly Delta is the most reliable carrier for safe and convenient travel. Therefore, are you looking for the solo unaccompanied minor booking option? Then, relax about such exceptional booking, and meet the Delta Unaccompanied Minor Policy. And get worthwhile unaccompanied minor booking for your kids.

Know, What to Meet for the Full Potential to Seek Unaccompanied Minor Booking

Here are the following important points that you must meet to seek the hundred percent UMNR on Delta Airlines Flight.

  • Your kid must be more than five years old to seek the unaccompanied minor booking.
  • However, this policy is accessible to kids between 5-18 years, whereas more than sixteen have the right to choose whether to join UMNR or not.
  • Children aged five to seven must book nonstop flights despite connecting routes.
  • If your child is over seven years old, Delta Airlines allows the customers to connect flight booking to their juniors. However, the kids above seven years older have a great chance to choose the route.
  • Customers must avoid Red-eye flight booking for their kids while opting for UMNR Booking.
  • One must submit the age proof of the children while opting for Unaccompanied Minor Booking on Delta Airlines.
  • While Delta UMNR Booking, one must provide the correct details of the kid and the legal guardian, especially the contact details.

If you miss out on any of the above policies, your request for a solo trip with your kids will not be acceptable by Delta Airlines.

Customer Service Executive: Instant Access for UMNR Booking with Delta Airlines Reservations

If it’s your first time seeking an unaccompanied minor booking on Delta Airlines, then it would be great if you relied on the customer service executive. There is no chance of barrier or hindrance with them while Unaccompanied Minor booking.

All have full flexibility to opt for minor booking via the official site. But it would be worthwhile, especially when one has already attempted the same. Otherwise, barriers would rise.

Extensions to Reach out to the Delta Airlines Experts 

Focusing on the customer’s query “How Can I Get a Cheap Delta Flight?” while issues through online air ticketing, the company has discovered the most reliable options. Find the extensions below and know how it is worthwhile for someone to connect with the experts.

Telephone Number

An offline method where you must browse the number first, either by official site or browser. Then, dial that number and follow the IVR options. With this, you would easily press the right key on the Mobile phone. Moreover, you would speak to the Delta Airlines Experts over a phone call and could seek real-time assistance.


To text your concern directly to the airline, you can access any online portals like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Or else, access the mobile application to message directly to the airline for seeking assistance while Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Booking.


Another online option is to connect with the experts where you need to send email via registered id. With this, they would easily contact you as per the requirement. Before sending the email, ensure to insert the contact details appropriately.

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