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Check-points for finding the best “CBSE board school near me”

by Aslam Ali

Choosing the best Indian International School in Pune

You should be aware that most schools schedule an interview with the parents if you’re currently comparing schools and choosing the best one for your child.

The interview could be scheduled either during the campus visit or later. Due to the current pandemic, you might also be required to participate in virtual discussions.

The purpose of this interview is not just for the school administration to judge you or the child. Instead, you can ask some questions before completing the pune school admission form, during the interview, or at any time.

These inquiries will enable you to determine whether this school best fits your child and the principles and morals it upholds.


Tips to be followed make before enrolling your child or completing the application for admission to the school

  1. Describe a typical school day for you

You can better grasp what your child will experience in school by listening to the authority’s response to this query. You can inquire about the class size, the transportation alternatives, the breakfast and break schedules, and the school hours.

How well are the teachers able to manage the class given the pandemic? How do teachers ensure that the students understand the lessons taught in class? How does she deal with students that act inappropriately or cause difficulty in class online? The answers to these questions might reveal much about how teachers interact with their charges.


  1. What Programs Do the Top International Schools in Pune Offer?

Before completing the school application form, you must ask this crucial question about the curriculum and extracurriculars. What additional initiatives does the school do to ensure students succeed in their studies and other spheres of life?

The best international schools in Pune for admission strongly emphasize encouraging students to pursue their interests independently and supporting them as they excel in extracurricular activities. They should provide a variety of clubs, such as those for dancing, music, debate, and elocution, as well as facilities to encourage students to explore and learn new ideas on their own.


  1. What are the mission and philosophy of the school?

Sending your child to a school without first learning about the staff’s ideology and moral standards is not sensible. Ask if the kids are permitted to engage in exploratory learning, gain first-hand experience with various materials, etc.

Are they encouraged to collaborate with others to discover a solution, or do the professors jump in to aid them right away, preventing them from having time to think things through on their own?

Each institution aims to assist students in realizing their full potential and fostering their growth. Inquire about the implementation of this vision.


  1. What Sort of Learners Is the School Seeking?

A child’s needs vary depending on the school. According to popular belief, the best international schools in Pune are thought only to enroll academically gifted students. But that is not the case.

While some institutions only accept students who excel at particular tasks, others welcome curious students who try to study things independently.

If the school has a particular need, then as a parent, you should be aware of that need and only consider sending your child to that school if they can meet the criteria.

You should be aware of which area your child shines in for this.


  1. What is the ratio of students to teachers?

A teacher cannot pay close attention to every kid in a class of 60. As a result, parents and schools have chosen to enroll their children in institutions with fewer students per class.

The more one-on-one time a teacher can devote to each student, the lower the student-to-teacher ratio. 20 to 25 students should make up the ideal class size. It is advisable to pick a different school if the class is more potent than that.


  1. Before submitting the school admission form, find out the fee structure

Some of the so-called top international schools in Pune levied one-time tuition, but they didn’t give students a quality education worthy of the price. This is a huge warning sign.

As a result, you should find out from the authorities how the money is used and what amenities the school offers. Some schools charge extra fees for transportation, clothes, textbooks, field trips, canteens, etc.


  1. What Education Does the Teacher Have?

The importance of the school hiring only qualified instructors cannot be overstated because teachers are like second parents to their students. If the professors lack commitment, enthusiasm, or training, they are not qualified to instruct the students.

They won’t be able to impart moral teachings and assist kids in developing into upright and responsible citizens. Ask about the school’s possibilities for teachers to advance their professional development.

Like students, teachers must occasionally attend workshops and events to stay current in their profession and prepare to teach the students the required skills.


  1. When you Google “CBSE board school near me,” look at the extracurricular offerings

The curriculum now covers more than just academics and tests. It speaks of the full range of experiences students have while pursuing their education. The cbse board school near me curriculum needs to be kid-centered, emphasizing the study and practice of fundamental concepts and life skills including English communication, critical thinking, personality development, etc.

Extracurricular activities are an essential component of education that improve the learning process and school curricula. They support students’ moral principles, personalities, and intellectual and social development.

A school should offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities for pupils to select from. Select a school for your child where both curricular and extracurricular activities are valued equally.



These were a few of the questions you ought to put to the school administration in your interview. With the help of these tops, you can always search for the best school in Pune for admission.

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