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When it comes to attending a ceremonial function, one needs to wear traditional wear as that is apt way of dressing up for the occasion. Children also love to dress up in the similar traditional attires like their mothers as the kids or children build their own imaginary world in which they emulate their elders. They even modulate their voice, tone and expression to copy their parents or anyone who fascinates them. It is very interesting to note that their style statements and fashion consciousness also come from their parents especially for the little girls from their mothers whom they consider to be their role models and want to follow them in every small little way. mothercareworld.com

Choosing the right type of clothes for these small girls is sometimes confusing. Parents want to buy the traditional wear but it may not prove to be very comfortable for them which sometimes lead to a lot of research which may not bring the desired results. In North India, events like wedding means spending time and money to buy clothes for the whole family. Small girls look the prettiest and the cutest dressed up in traditional Lehengas and this also makes these girls’ heart flutter with excitement and happiness but the parents can feel a little apprehensive as they want their children to enjoy the function without feeling hassled or clumsy because of the traditional apparels. mothercareworld

While buying Lehengas for kids one must remember to look into a few very important points:

• Colour Choice: Children look their best in bright, vibrant colours but one can always pay attention to the climatic conditions and the time of the event. Brighter colours are best suitable for the evening or night functions and if the weather is too warm, pastel shades give a cooler appearance.

• Size: It is important to buy an apt size or getting one stitched is not a bad option. Buying a semi-stitched lehenga gives freedom of getting the right size stitched for children as their sizes may vary and getting a standard size may not be so easy.

• Comfort: Comfort of a child should be the first priority as children can be more affected by discomfort than the elders. This discomfort could be caused if the fabric chosen is rough in texture or the seams hurt the child. It is important to buy the pure fabrics for the children.

• Price: When a parent is buying a lehenga for a small child, one must not forget that children grow up fast and they outgrow these clothes. Buying too expensive Lehengas can prove to be a waste as children may not be able to enjoy wearing them for a long time.

The answer to all such problems lies with Online Stores which not only cater for the quality products but are also prompt and punctual in delivery. Even then it is important to check that your online store has abundant variety and their designers have created styles which are chic and elegant along with being simple and easy to handle.

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Lehenga-Choli for Bollywood and Cultural Programs

Apart from weddings, Lehengas are also worn by girls and women during festivals and cultural programs. The lehenga-Choli is also being popularized by the Bollywood and hence lehenga-Choli is widely being accepted and favored in places where the saree used to be the favored choice for festive wear. The popularity of the lehenga-choli as festive wear is now widespread and is not limited to India.

The lehenga for women is a long ethnic skirt that is primarily worn by Indian women at weddings and religious festivals however modern times has changed the way fashion forward Indian, stylists and designers have been looking at this traditional garment. The lehenga is now open to experimentation and a popular garment for Indo-western fusion dressing.

Having made that point, let’s go back to the fact that lehenga choli ensemble is still widely popular as bridal wear

Indian Lehenga Choli gives the individual wearing a very stylish and stunning appear and no female can stand against its appeal.

Designer Indian Lehenga paired with choice length Cholis look amazing for every traditional competition as well.

If you want being stylish and idealistic then you moves for light source fabrics like chiffon and georgette. To get a trendy look, you have to keep minimum embellishments. And then to get a class outlook, just team up the Lehengas

This conventional outfit is prominent uncommonly if worn amid exceptional events. Among of the normal event that lehenga where generally worn were amid Festive celebrations like Diwali, Eid, Dusshera, Navratrior it can in the wedding occasion. The motivation behind why lady loves to wear lehenga dresses is on account of it is adaptable to anyone sorts and agreeable too. The lehenga history has truly brought numerous changes particularly on the ladies dresses. Truth be told, even in these eras the dressing styles of lehenga and its standard example still exist.

Indian long-established wear is of several kinds. You have sarees, salwar kameez and the ever favourite lehengas. In an Indian wedding, the women of the family can even spend months deciding what to wear. However, the most time consuming and difficult decision to make is the bride’s wedding dress. She is the centre of attention and her outfit is what matters the most. For an Indian bride, especially the north Indian bride, the favoured bridal outfit is lehnga – a combination of long skirt (lehenga), blouse (choli) and stole (dupatta).
So what are these latest trends in lehengas? Well, until a few years ago contemporary was in and now traditional lehengas suddenly seem to be in demand. Thanks to movies and television shows, Indian brides are choosing to go all out traditional when it comes to choosing their bridal lehengas.
A lehenga usually is a full pleated skirt in colours like orange, pink, red, maroon, green and yellow. The cut of the blouse (choli) has been modernised and you have everything from tight fighting corsets to bikini patterned tops. The blouse can also be backless or with strings, adding glamour to an otherwise traditional outfit. Halter necklines and strapless blouses are also in trend.

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