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Building a Modern Looking Responsive Web Application using Bootstrap Templates

by Vishank

A responsive web application means that the design should be compatible with various kinds of devices. After understanding bootstrap components, the next step is to choose the Bootstrap Admin Template. This is mainly because bootstrap is ideal for developing responsive web applications. Choosing a template will help you in many ways. Developers have therefore accepted and embraced bootstrap due to its amazing features, reliability, and functionality. A web application created with bootstrap is easily notable since they are responsive and fast. Since the introduction of bootstrap back in 2011, it has really stabilized and matured.

Downloading and setting up files

There are several places where you can find free and premium bootstrap themes. We would suggest you get it from WrapPixel (Trusted by 160K+ Developers across the globe). Now choosing a free template would limit you. Also, you need to be an expert to carry that to the next level and use it in your project. Because it won’t come with any support or documentation. So you have to do things yourself about understanding the template and doing integration. So we suggest you spend a few bucks and purchase a premium bootstrap admin template to start your application.

The first step is to successfully download and unzip the template. Then you can go and check HTML files in your browser to test all pages. And you can use sublime text or any other HTML editor to open the desired page and start editing as per your needs. The best thing with bootstrap templates is, you can easily edit/delete things and also paste required things from any other page templates to the one you want that way you can create stunning dashboards and other pages from ready-to-use elements and sections of templates.

If you are new to bootstrap, you might look into the documentation of the template to understand how it works. Documentation is the most important part of any template as it will help even some experienced developers to understand the template faster and help integrate with the application much easier and faster.

Once you are done setting up a dashboard using sections/charts etc from template’s library. You can easily present that in static mode to your client and then start doing database connection and making the application design functional with your desired backend technology. The good thing about bootstrap framework is, it’s built on html and you know html works well in any backend technology as a base,


There is really a lot that you can do with bootstrap when it comes to web design. That is why we have provided this article for beginners so you would learn a little about how to create a responsive web application with bootstrap.

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