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Since the early 1900s, vibrant neon signs have been used to adorn taverns, clubs, and restaurants all over the world. Neon quickly rose to the top of the list of options for increasing brand awareness among marketing. Professionals due to its authentic, Las Vegas-like appearance. This article demonstrates why LED-lit signage is better to genuine neon signs without needing you to give up your illuminated signs’ brightness or effect.

The only thing left to do was figure out a way to duplicate this nostalgic appearance and authentic brand experience outside without neon’s limitations. Helping companies to recapture the atmosphere that so many people once adored on the streets. LED technology is a terrific alternative to traditional neon because it combines the appealing characteristics of neon with exciting new benefits including greater creative freedom.

Therefore, it is possible that companies across industries (including retail, beverage, and spirits) would proceed with research and more environmentally friendly lit brand-specific signage. 20–30% cost savings due to the use of sustainable materials, and better organizational simplicity.

Here are 5 advantages of Led neon signs are following:

1. The benefits of LED and neon’s natural appearance

When compared to conventional neon, the LED Neon is sure to stand out due to its appealing design and incredible light intensity without sacrificing the true neon experience. We are extremely proud to be industry pioneers in the use of LED technology for both on- and off-trade marketing campaigns.

Over the past five years, we have improved our LED Neon. We improved the packaging, added additional LED models, and increased the brightness of the existing versions. And we’ll never stop trying to improve this fantastic product!

2. LED lighting can reduce the volume of all logistics.

Neon tubes made of glass are fragile. Normally, they break while being transported. Receiving a broken finished product from a customer and having to demand a replacement right away is quite inconvenient and financially wasteful. LED technology in lit signage gets rid of this annoyance.

Furthermore, it enables much less restrictive packaging, which reduces overall logistics volume by 20 to 35%. An environmentally benign alternative to cheap neon signs . A finished product with LED technology has lower total cost of ownership and is more popular with customers. That is three wins in one!

3. Lessened energy use (and no use of harmful materials)

Indoor neon signage is not environmentally friendly because it consumes argon and mercury. These are dangerous substances that put everyone’s safety at risk if the glass is broken. LED Neon is a type of lighting that. As its name suggests. Combines the dependability and environmental benefits of LED technology with the aesthetic appeal of traditional neon.

In order to replace neon tubes, special injection-molded plastic is install on a metal frame. Illuminated by built-in LED lights, and powered by only 12 volts. Despite having a lifespan of up to 40,000 hours, LED lights consume two to three times less electricity.

4. LED technology allows (much) more design freedom

Unlike neon, LED technology offers animation, which makes your signage appear to be moving. Lights can run, fade, flicker, flicker, or even change color. Moving objects grab our attention, thus businesses vying for customer attention regularly utilize the benefits of LED neon signage.

5. More effective batch manufacturing and dependable branding

Your branding should be as consistent as you can make it. It’s challenging with neon. After the mold has been made, each product must be blown and bent by a skilled worker over the course of several hours.

The automated, more economical production technique utilized for LED neon signs. Which is especially useful when dealing with large numbers, eliminates these irregularities and ensures the homogeneity of every sign.


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