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Benefits of Switching from Manual Billing to Automated Billing

by Sudeep Giri
Automated Billing

In addition to making the invoicing process more efficient, automated billing software also allows organizations to reduce errors that come with manual billing and generate insightful business data that can be used to advance their overall success. 

Manually charging a larger number of recurring customers can be laborious, time-consuming, and possibly resource-intensive.

The manual billing method is also prone to errors and is not really advised for firms processing a big amount of data in order to prevent mistakes. When a company offers subscription-based services, it would be nearly difficult to handle billing, invoicing, payments, and revenue recognition manually.

Recurring billing software should be used by companies that provide usage-based or subscription-based services to modernize and automate their billing processes.

This will completely eliminate the possibility of manual errors while also streamlining the entire payment process.

Many subscription-based companies have already begun to reap the rewards of switching from manual billing to completely automated billing software. Additionally, it is crucial and advised for all companies that handle a lot of client data and are still utilizing traditional billing software.


The following details may make it easier for you to comprehend the significance of automated billing software:

  1. Additional time and work are saved: 

If you manually examine each customer to ascertain its subscription plan and apply its bill, you waste a lot of time and work. When there is a change in the existing plans, manually tracking each new add-on, product removal, and customer update might further complicate the process for you and your customers.

Simply said, it is impractical to continue using the manual billing approach while working with more clients.

By automating the process of sending bills to clients and regularly collecting payments, you can save up valuable time that would otherwise be wasted. In today’s world, billing automation is the best course of action. By using this, you can set up instructions beforehand and save your billing team a tonne of time and work. 

For your company’s billing needs, choosing an automated, self-serve system gives your clients the opportunity to change their selections whenever they choose. Your staff will save time and effort if they analyze their bills and pay them independently.

  1. Boost precision and get rid of mistakes 

Repetitive manual billing and invoicing procedures raise the possibility of human error and can lead to a number of mistakes and inaccuracies in the bills sent to clients.

The risk of inaccurate findings increases with the amount of repetition in the manual tasks. In addition to errors being expensive, declining customer satisfaction has additional long-term implications.

Customer data or subscription plans only need to be entered into the system once thanks to the billing automation process. No matter how many clients you are serving, this implies that if you update a new subscription, the information will always be accurate every time a consumer is billed.

With automation, you can confidently run and expand your firm.

  1. greater comprehension of the Major Subscription metrics. 

Each firm must fully comprehend both what is happening on the surface and what the data indicates. Access to pertinent reports is a crucial part of assessing the health of SaaS (Software as a Service) and other subscription-based enterprises. 

The automated billing system’s reporting tools can give you useful business data so you can forecast future revenue. You have access to reports that let you identify what’s working and what isn’t so you can swiftly make changes. Businesses will be better able to go forward with informed strategic decisions thanks to this.

  1. The process of collecting payments can be made simpler by automated billing systems. 

When you utilize cutting-edge recurring billing software like SAP BRIM, payment collection is simple. This is due to the fact that it completely automates your company’s billing and collection processes. Additionally, it assists both small and large organizations in recognizing and reporting clients who have past-due invoices and automatically sending past-due reminders.

Once you begin using a system that automates these procedures, you will instantly learn about unpaid invoices from consumers, making it simple to determine which clients require special attention.

Managing partial payments and payments in different currencies might be challenging for your business if you use traditional billing solutions.

If you have a lot of clients, it will take a lot of time and effort to keep track of partially paid invoices and convert foreign payments to your local currency. Similar tasks can be automated by automated billing software like SAP BRIM, saving you a lot of time and effort and making payment collection a hassle-free chore for you.

How to run a successful business as an owner operator

  1. Better customer relationships. 

A greater understanding of customer behavior brought about by easy access to client accounts led to the identification of turnover risks.

Recurring or automated billing software is far more sophisticated and sends consumers automated emails when payments are received, which is another approach to strengthen your relationship with them. 

No matter how much a bill costs, customers still appreciate getting this small token of appreciation from your business. In actuality, sending a simple “Thank you” message can help you get paid more.


  1. provides enhanced security 


Automated billing provides an additional layer of protection by limiting access to particular tasks to selected members of the business. You have complete control over who can perform what on your billing platform when you employ an automated billing system. 


When looking for an automated billing system, security is one of the top concerns for the majority of businesses. When looking for an automatic invoicing billing system, SAP BRIM is the ideal option because it ensures the protection of its clients.


For billing automation, SAP BRIM: 


The following are the benefits of the on-premise solution for SAP BRIM: 


  • Because it is automated, subscription-based products and use-based or recurring services are simple to automate. 
  • Utilize considerably more adaptability when handling customer requirements. Customer demands may be met more quickly and efficiently with SAP BRIM since it not only automates your company’s complete billing process but also processes data swiftly and effectively. 
  • provides intelligent automation with rules for billing, invoicing, and accounting operations. 
  • helps organisations process massive volumes of data in an automated and highly effective manner.




Manual billing procedures lack the agility necessary to invent and compete because they are relatively sluggish, incorrect, and more prone to errors. Having an automated billing system is essential for positioning your large company that provides subscription or usage-based services and succeeding in this fiercely competitive environment. Automated billing software is a crucial element of a full digital transition that is frequently overlooked. And regrettably, many companies do not consider enhancing their billing process until some of their problems have already manifested. But as a company, it’s critical for you to preserve a positive cash flow and keep your operation operating at peak levels in terms of effectiveness, security, and client happiness.


In terms of return on investment, automated billing is a no-brainer due to the advantages. And if you are still issuing invoices by hand in today’s environment, it makes your company appear outdated and out of date. Therefore, automate billing to simplify your invoicing and payment processes and get rid of billing and collection hassles. Your clients will be happy, your bills will be accurate and delivered on time, and you will receive payment more quickly and easily, therefore enhancing your crucial cash flow. Then you can devote more time to what you want to do, which is teaching, developing relationships with others, and increasing your student body.

An automated billing system is made to create and send invoices, track payments, and handle those transactions. Businesses with a sizable and varied customer base, a broad range of offered goods and services, and subscription or retainer payment methods will find the solution to be extremely helpful.

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