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Beat the Summer Heat with Customized Window Drapes

by steavesmith
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The summer season is here and that means hot and muggy days will be a daily occurrence before we know it. Air conditioning is a necessary device for all homeowners but to keep it running for the whole day will result in you spending a huge amount on power bills.
Thankfully, different custom window treatments like curtains, blinds and drapes look great, but also help your home be cooler which helps keep bills at a manageable level. As per the Energy.gov, 76% of sunlight enters homes from double pane windows. That sunlight gets converted into heat inside your home. This is leading to more and more homeowners switching to modern window drapes.

Choosing The Best Types Of Window Treatments

The right kind of window treatments will not only add character to the home but also help you save on energy bills.

Custom window shades are one of the most efficient and affordable ways for saving energy but they need to work in the right manner. Roman shades provide several years of materials that will act as the insulation and air barrier too. These shades are more effective than the soft window treatments. The blinds are a good choice as they have horizontal slats and it is more difficult to control the sunlight through the window blinds.

However, if you are choosing the high reflective type of window blind, it will help in reducing the heat. The window blinds provide a high level of flexibility and you can easily adjust the slats for controlling the light and ventilation in the home as the temp cools off during the night. This will allow some cool air to come in.

Apart from the above choice, cellular shades also offer a great choice to keep your home comfortable during the whole year. These cellular shades have good options for light-filtering capabilities and they will help in increasing the energy efficiency in home and allow better light control in the house. These layers will act as the air barrier and make them one of the best choices for blocking sunlight.

If you are looking for the best custom draperies for modern homes, motorized blinds are the best ones. They are the new ways to keep the home cool while wasting less energy. You can also control the functioning of the motorized window drapes for opening and closing slats. This further helps to keep the home cool and you can decide how much sunlight will enter the home.

There are so many varieties of modern window treatments available, both offline and online. You need to know your requirements first which will make you decide to pick the best one for your home. Each one of the modern blinds is highly effective, stylish and energy-efficient. They are available in different styles, colors and functionalities.

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