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Acro yoga helps in increasing confidence, balance and strength, learn how

by Shrishti khairwal
Acro yoga helps in increasing confidence, balance and strength, learn how

Yoga means to join or join, so yoga is basically a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual practices. Yogasana has its roots in India as it originated from here but in today’s time, it has spread to every corner of the world. Yoga is practiced to keep every part of the body healthy and active. According to Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, doing yoga regularly not only helps you maintain your physical health but also your mental health. Since we all know that there is always room for improvement in everything we do, a modified form of yoga is acro-yoga.

Acro-yoga is similar to traditional yoga, but with the difference that acro-yoga includes traditional yoga practices as well as aerobics and therapeutics (medical science), with acro-yoga maintaining your physical and mental health. It also makes your body flexible and elegant. Also, it is practiced with a partner. If you have a yoga partner with you, then you can practice acro-yogas more easily and enjoy its practice. Let us know what is acro-yoga and how it is done and what benefits your body and mind get from its practice.


Major Roles of Acro-Yoga:

1. Base

The base plays a major role in the person who has maximum contact with the ground during the practice of acro-yoga, that is, either lying on the ground or providing support to the person in other roles. The most common base activity is to lie on the ground on your back, the main purpose of the base being to keep the flyer as stable as possible.

2. Flyer

In acro-yoga, the person who is performing above the ground is called a flyer, the flyer is connected to the base with the help of his arms and legs, during acro-yoga, the flyer performs all the dynamic postures. For a flyer, you must have three qualities, self-confidence, strength, and balance.

3. Spotter

The spotter does not engage in any physical activity during the practice of yoga like the base and flyer. The job of the spotter is only to provide external support to the flyer so that the flyer can be protected from any injury.


Benefits of acro-yoga

  • Acro-yogas help in increasing concentration. For the practice of this yoga, you need to improve your ability to focus because if you are not able to focus then you will not be able to perform it. You will either drop yourself or you will drop the flyer. Therefore, by practicing it, your concentration increases.
  • Acro-yoga helps in increasing your strength and strength. The way you balance and handle the weight of the other person’s body with the help of your hands and feet strengthens the muscles of your shoulders, legs, Cavs, arms, and hips.
  • By practicing this form of yoga, you will be able to become aware of your body. This develops harmony between you and your body that other activities cannot do.
  • Acro-yogas help you to stretch. It stretches the muscles of every part of your body and helps to open them.
  • By practicing acro-yoga, you learn to balance, the most important quality of practicing acro-yoga is balance. Without this, you cannot practice it because you have to keep your body as well as the other person’s body in balance during this, for which interaction is very important.
  • Doing acro-yogas increases your stamina. It is effective in making you feel relaxed and improves your mood.
  • Practicing this yoga can help in toning the body and build muscles. This yoga helps to build the muscles of the chest, legs, arms, and hands.


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