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A Comprehensive Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Kitchen Cabinet Styles

by ShaneHarper
Kitchen Cabinet Styles

When it comes to kitchens, there are many kitchen cabinet styles to choose from. You can choose the style that best suits your needs, or you can go with a more modern look if that is what appeals to you. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you decide which style is right for your kitchen!

  • Traditional Kitchen Cabinet Styles
  • Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Styles
  • Modern Kitchen Cabinet Styles
  • Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets Styles
  • Craftsman Kitchen Cabinet Styles
  • Country / Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Traditional Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Traditional kitchen cabinets are the most common style. This type of  kitchen cabinets is often made of wood, but can also be made of other materials. The design is usually simple and clean with a neutral color palette that can be used in any kitchen.

The traditional look is characterized by straight lines and simple geometric shapes such as triangles and squares; it’s often referred to as the “classic” look or just plain old-fashioned.

You’ll find this aesthetic on many 1960s homes (like those featured in House Hunters International). But it has also been popular since the 1800s thanks to its versatility across different homes styles from modern to classic and because it works well for both small kitchens and large ones alike.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Shaker Kitchen cabinets are simple and functional, usually made of wood and painted white. They have a clean look that’s perfect for kitchens with minimal décor. These cabinets are often found in more modern kitchens where they can match the contemporary design of the room. While also adding an element of charm.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Styles

The modern style is clean and sleek with a focus on functionality. It’s an updated take on the traditional kitchen cabinet, but it doesn’t have to be limited to just your kitchen. Modern Kitchen cabinets can be used in any room of your house, even the bathroom.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet1

Modern Kitchen Cabinet

Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets Styles

Flat panel cabinets are the most common style in kitchens. They are easy to install, affordable and available in many colors and finishes. Flat panel cabinets are also a good choice for modern kitchens because they can fit in tight spaces while still providing ample storage space.

Flat panel kitchen cabinets offer you several options when it comes to style, color and material finishes. Solid wood doors or drawers (not laminate) this is an authentic look that will match any décor theme. However you must consider:

  • Whether or not your flooring matches
  • Durability of these types material over time
  • These materials tend to scratch easily
Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet

Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet

Craftsman Kitchen Cabinet Styles

The Craftsman style is based on the Arts and Crafts Movement, but it’s also known for its use of natural finishes. This means cabinets are made of solid wood with none of that cheap particleboard or pressed veneer nonsense that makes you think twice about buying furniture from Ikea.

And if you’re into natural wood, then this may be the style for you! It’s not just about how well-made your kitchen will look; it’s also about what kind of wood it is and how dense it can be. You’ll probably want to pay extra attention to baseboards too. They should be wide enough so that they don’t get covered up by appliances (especially when sliding doors open). But not so wide as to hide all evidence of craftsmanship within them.

Country / Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Country/Farmhouse style cabinets are the most traditional, and they have a very distinct look. This style is made up of pine or oak, which is traditionally used for farmhouse construction. These kitchens tend to be painted white or light in color, with no molding around the door or drawers. The design is simple with very few decorative details on each piece of furniture within this type of kitchen design.


We hope this guide has helped you get an idea of what to look for when making your kitchen cabinets. Remember that there are so many options out there, but with a little research and patience, you’ll be able to find the perfect style for your home.

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