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7 Jobs You Should Try If You Love Working With Different People

by Bianca Banda

Every profession comes with its set of advantages and disadvantages that could differ depending on your personality. There are also times when maintaining a positive and hopeful mindset can be challenging, especially if you’re not happy with what you do. Maybe that’s why people say that if you choose something you love as your job, you won’t feel like you’re working.

Today, we love to ask people what their energy and personality are. Usually, we label them introverts if they’re shy and reserved. On the other hand, outgoing and expressive people are called extroverts. Often, extroverts are the ones who end up choosing a profession where they can work with different people because they love meeting different personalities.

Even though that is usually the case, that doesn’t mean you can no longer choose a job that involves working with various people if you’re an introvert. The explanation calls for a different article, but to cut it short, anyone can choose a client-facing career. 

The thing is, there are various job titles where you can meet different personalities daily. But often, people get cold feet when they hear what type of job that is. So if you’ve been looking to start a career where you can interact with various personalities, this post is for you. If you love working with different people, here are seven jobs you should try. 


1 –  A real estate agent

Real estate agents are the professionals who sell and market a property to potential homeowners or property buyers. When you look for a property to buy as your home or for your business, they’ll guide and assist you in looking for the best one. In other words, real estate agents are your bridge to finding the best property at the best possible rate.

It might seem glamorous to think that their job is easy. But just like all professions in life, nothing comes without challenges. They may stay and provide oculars at a mansion and grandeur properties, but they also often have a quota to reach. But on the bright side, they get to keep a commission rate from their sale. 

If you love meeting with couples looking into buying their new home or accommodating starting entrepreneurs with their needs, this job could be for you. 


2 –  Sales executive or associate

In almost any industry, there’s an opportunity to work as a sales executive or associate. A sales executive promotes a product or service to clients at the best conditions and rates. If you love to present sales pitches about your company’s products and services, maybe you’re destined to be a sales executive.

Sales executives also often attend conferences, exhibitions, and meetings to learn and expand their knowledge about their field. They also negotiate contracts and package deals with their clients and managers depending on their clients’ needs. If you love hitting quotas, presenting to different people, and negotiating, this profession could be for you.


3 – An events coordinator or planner

Working as an events coordinator can be tiring and demanding if you handle huge accounts. People think that working at events is glamorous and easy similar to how movies and the media portray them. But in reality, it’s the other way around.

The thing is, the scope of event planning is broader than most people think. You won’t only be handling social events like weddings but also massive corporate events of big corporations. Aside from being an outgoing person, you must be highly attentive to details to ace this role. In short, you must be a good multi-tasker for this position. 

Behind every successful and glamorous event are the events coordinator and planner’s blood, sweat, and tears. If this is a role you believe you can ace, I recommend trying it out. 


4 – A professor

Another profession that people who love meeting different personalities choose is being an educator. Being a professor is the dream job for people who love learning. Aside from teaching and sharing their knowledge with students, professors conduct rigorous research and studies on their chosen topics.

If you love sharing your learnings with the world, watching people grow, and constantly developing and conducting research studies, the education industry could be your calling.


5 – Financial advisor

If you are knowledgeable in finance, business, mathematics, or economics, you can take advantage of your knowledge by becoming a financial advisor. We all know that the finance industry can be a challenging topic to understand and digest. That’s why financial advisors and mentors exist, to help us understand those matters easily and use them in our lives.

This career path allows you to discuss personal issues like money, insurance, and assets with different people. If you love giving advice and helping people manage their assets well, consider becoming a financial advisor.


6 – Public relations associate

In school, students who love to interact with different grade levels and love to manage school activities usually become PROS (public relations officers). Even in the corporate world, there’s a place for people who love that role in the school. 

A public relations associate role is quite similar to a sales executive. The only difference is that in public relations, you present to media outlets by representing your company or organisation. One of your primary roles is to maintain the image of the company you’re representing through networking.


7 – A lawyer

Since a lawyer works with different clients facing different issues in every case, I’ll include this technical position on our list. Becoming a lawyer is by far the most challenging among the previous roles I shared. Why? Because you need to pass the bar exam to be a licensed legal counsel. 

If you’re passionate about understanding the law and the justice system–and also love working with different people, maybe the law is your calling. But of course, you need to be devoted and passionate when deciding to take this career path. Fighting for justice is not an easy duty and comes with a huge responsibility that you should take seriously.


Choose a job where you can hone and practise your best skills.

In choosing a career path, your sense of achievement and satisfaction are the things that matter. It would be a waste not choosing a job you like and are unhappy doing every day. Always remember that every job in this world has its value and purpose. Those would only differ depending on your skills, interests, and strengths. So for the best, choose a job where you can hone and practise your best skills. 


About the author: 

Bianca Banda is a writer for Bennett Property, one of the largest and most successful real estate agencies offering a full range of property services, including sales, leasing and development. 


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