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5 Ways to Make Your Spa Sustainable

by williamsmith

Sustainability and eco-friendly seem to be on everyone’s mind these days, for the right reasons. As a result, many people worldwide are making a serious effort to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. And as such, many such brands offering spa equipment online are also taking the “Green” approach, from reducing waste and plastic to switching to sustainable options.

A report by Global News Wire states that the Global Green Technology and Sustainability Market is estimated to reach $12.51 bn in 2022 and $33.62 bn by 2027.

Making your salon sustainable not only reduces carbon footprint but also attracts customers, especially those following a sustainable lifestyle.

But how can you make your spa more sustainable? Below are a few simple practices you can follow to make your salon greener.

So, Why Should You Go Green? 

Last year, over 1.5 million kg of foil and color tube waste was dumped into Australian landfills, despite aluminum having the ability to maintain its quality and properties after being recycled time and again. So why wouldn’t we?

Note that, there is not yet an industry-wide push to green up the salon operations, perfecting the atmosphere and eco-friendly additions are becoming increasingly popular across the globe.

Without a doubt, it is hard to change your methods and process overnight. After all, it works!

Society is taking an increasingly serious look at the eco-print in their homes- so why should it be different in your salon settings?

➤ Practices that are going to save you money: One of the biggest misconceptions of going the sustainable way is that it is going to cost you the earth. When in fact, these practices are likely to save you money in the long run. For instance, many eco-friendly steps simply involve being mindful of appliance usage, turning off a light, or unplugging appliances that are not in use. These small initiatives are mindful and will also save you.

➤ Builds customer base: One of the great marketing opportunities in this competitive landscape is going green. You will exponentially expand your customer base which is pregnant women or people who favor sustainability might connect with you. This is a global initiative now, so if your business can cater to those wanting to reduce their footprint, then you are in the money.

Small Efforts That Help Reduce Cost and Contributes to a Greener Business 

Green strategies can attract clients to your spa for a better customer experience from start to finish, save your business money, and enhance your company’s image- all while contributing to the improvement of the environment.

Here are some general facility upgrades that can help you:

  • With the help of a local power company, undertake an energy audit for your business. If you have not upgraded your spa with the latest technology like an electric spa chair, you may not be aware of how much energy you are losing through energy inefficiencies. Or else you can take over energy self-assessments.

  • Keep your spa supplies stocked with eco-friendly laundry, cleaning, and spa equipment. We have explained this in detail underneath.

  • Invest in a higher-efficiency washer, dryer, heater, and med-spa chairs.

  • Install and use high-tech programs like energy management systems that automatically turn off idle equipment.

  • Create a policy for all the estheticians and technicians that electronic devices and lighting to be turned off in unoccupied treatment rooms. Plus, replace all incandescent lighting with LED lights.

  • Sustainability and carbon offsetting is a fairly new topic for most of us, so providing education to your staff will give them a better understanding of why it is so important and in the case of employees, how they can implement the carbon checklist for use during treatments and procedures.

Remember that you are not alone. There are many initiatives out there that provide tips and tricks for salon owners to take the charge of their wastage and carbon footprint.

Tips to Go-Green 

Use Eco-friendly Bedding and Towels  

Replace your disposable towels with reusable eco-friendly options. While cotton seems to be the most obvious option, cotton-growing practices aren’t often sustainable. Cotton production pollutes the soil with toxic pesticides and degrades the soil quality. The run-off pesticides also contaminate the water bodies close by.

Alternatively, you can also use bamboo, an eco-friendly alternative to cotton. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant and doesn’t require any fertilizer to grow. Furthermore, it regrows from its root system.

Invest in High-Quality Spa Furniture and Equipment  

Facial and Spa beds are integral parts of any salon or spa. And better the quality, the longer it will last, reducing wastage and minimizing any environmental impact.

From top-of-the-line massage tables to professional-grade treatment chairs, Sunlight Spa Supply has spa equipment online that stands the test of time. Not only are they packed with innovative features, but they are also made with energy-efficient technology, reducing carbon footprint.

spa equipment

Regular Maintenance of Facial/Spa Beds  

Professional-grade facial beds like the Apollo Electric Bed with Thermo Heat or Belluci Electric Facial Bed available at Sunlight Spa Supply generally go for years before requiring any maintenance. After that, however, you will have to do routine maintenance, including:

  1. Wipe down with a damp cloth after every service.

  2. Check for shaky and loose parts daily.

  3. Wash with a mild detergent to remove excess oils and products at the end of the day.

  4. Tighten the nuts and bolts every month. (Don’t over-tighten)

Decorate with Houseplants  

While aesthetics are essential for every spa, you have to agree that most decors go to the landfill after their use. So, the next time you want to redecorate your spa, replace the decor with house plants. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they are also cost-effective.

Research indicates that potted plants, namely Peace lily, Corn plant, and ZZ plant, reduce NO2 concentrations to a certain degree. Additionally, they can also reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Use Energy Efficient Lighting  

Ambient lighting is an essential factor in creating a relaxed and stress-free environment. But instead of using overhead lighting, why not make the best use of the sunlight? Sunlight is the best eco-friendly way to go green.

In the absence of sunlight, go for energy-efficient lighting such as high-definition LED bulbs, energy-saving floor lamps, etc. Even though they are more expensive, they last 50x more than traditional lighting.

Alternatively, you can also use dimmer switches. Low indoor lighting creates the ambient environment for a relaxing massage.

Install Low-flow Showers and Faucets  

A report by the Environment Protection Agency states that an average American uses more than 16 gallons of water per shower. And that amounts to one trillion gallons of water per year.

To combat water wastage in your salon, install a low-flow showerhead and faucet. Low-flow faucets ensure that you are water efficient while reducing water bills.

Take Your Business to The Next Level 

We can understand that revamping every bit of it can feel a little overwhelming- buying spa equipment online and new product lines! However, going green and creating sustainable goals for your spa is more achievable than ever.

Being a sustainable spa doesn’t mean compromising on customer comfort or satisfaction- your clientele will be impressed that you are running a business in a conscious and ethical manner. The benefits of going sustainable far outweigh the effort you put in, also boosts your spa images and drives in more clientele. Not a bad result from a few easy new habits, right?

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