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5 Ways a NAS Device Improves Your Home Office Network

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A NAS, or Network Attached Storage, device is a stand-alone (usually small and compact) computer that connects to your home office network. A NAS improves your network in several ways, including providing extra storage, backing up data, streaming media, and more. Let’s take a closer look at each of these five benefits.

1. Extra Storage Capacity

A NAS gives you extra storage capacity for all the devices on your home office network. If you have a lot of devices—laptops, PCs, tablets, smartphones—chances are you’re running low on storage space. And as we all know, once you hit that full capacity mark, it can be hard to free up any space. With a NAS, you can store all those precious memories and important files off-site so you can make room on your devices for new ones.

2. Easier Data Backup

Backing up data is important but it can be difficult and time-consuming—that is, unless you have a NAS. With a NAS, you can easily and quickly back up all the data from your devices onto the NAS drive. This way, even if something happens to your device or its hard drive fails, you can rest assured knowing that your important files are safely stored elsewhere.

3. Increased Media Streaming Options

If you have a lot of digital media—music, movies, TV shows—a NAS gives you more options for streaming that content around your home office network. With a NAS drive connected to your network, you can use apps like Kodi or Plex to stream media directly to any connected device in any room in your house. No more huddling around one small laptop screen!

4. Faster File Transfer Speeds

Transferring files between devices on your home office network will be faster with a NAS because the files will be stored locally on the NAS drive rather than in the cloud. This is especially beneficial if you frequently transfer large files or if you have a slow internet connection.

5. Share Files Securely with friends and Family

If you need to share sensitive files with family or colleagues who live far away, a NAS gives you the ability to do so securely. With file encryption and password protection features built into many NAS drives, you can rest assured knowing that only those with the correct credentials will be able to access your shared files.


As you can see, there are many benefits to using a NAS device on your home office network. If you’re looking for extra storage capacity, easier data backup, increased media streaming options, faster file transfer speeds, or secure file sharing abilities, then aNAS is definitely the way to go!

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