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5-OFF The Runway Makeup Looks to Rock this Summer

by hdmakeover
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In the past summers, we have witnessed an amazing variety of creativity displayed by different makeup artists. They inspired the people with their art. Women and influencers were fans of these looks and put their efforts into making them more unique and attractive. All the makeup looks were fantastic and praiseworthy that had easily taken the attention of anyone.

We are going to enlist the top 5 runway makeup looks that will rock this summer.

No-makeup Look

A No-makeup look is generally considered a natural look. Women’s face features pop out in the best way. The soft, glowy, and pinky look gives a fresh look to every woman. This makeup look proved that we don’t need bulk makeup products to look beautiful. Nude lipsticks shades were everyone’s favourite in these summers as they give a smooth and refreshing look to the face. Instead of traditional and old-fashioned black eyeliners and dark colour eye-shadows, thick coats of mascara were used along with the pinkish shade eye-shadows and white eye pencil, enlarging the size of the eyes.

Eye-Liner and Lips

Almost 80% of women are fond of bright red colored lipstick with wing-shaped eyeliner. Both of them define the face by giving a sharp, classy look to it. The drooping hot red lips along with the black cat eyeliner are a complete elegant look to go out and prove your beauty. Women love to be praised and to look youthful so this look is a shortcut to gain these things. All you need is just black eyeliner and red lipstick and yes, you are ready to prove yourself. This flawless and dramatic look boosts your confidence.

Different Era Eyes

In the year 2021, the most famous makeup look is the different era eye. The broadcasting of all the popular eras of the past was beautifully displayed on the eyes. This makeup look was loved mostly by aged women as it refreshes all the joyous memories in their minds. Whether a woman is a fan of Cleopatra or of the Gogo girls of the 70’s era, she complimented this makeup look. Different stylists and makeup artists enjoyed displaying this different era makeup look as it is quite different than the trendy ones. Oranges, red and brown eye-shadows are perfect for creating this bold eye makeup. Moreover, it also gives them a chance to display their creative skills.

Tie-Dye and Pastel Eyes

It is considered the Euphoria-style makeup look. Its glamour is its actual identity. Usage of glitters, tie-dyes, stickers, and colourful teardrops on the face has given a new life to the makeup industry. Plenty of stylists actively participate in representing their skills. They were fed up with dull, old-fashioned makeup looks. Some stylists named it a No-makeup look with glamorous eyes. Eyes can never be quiet and this makeup look truly defines the significance of eye makeup. Colourful eye-shadows, long and thick eyelashes become the centre of attention of everyone.

Modern Sculptures

Lastly, let’s talk about the modern sculptural makeup look. It is considered the New Black. Soft eye-shadows along with the wingy black colored eyeliner, valiant lips, and thick messy eyebrows complete this mysterious summery makeup look. Both concealer and bronzer were used smartly to hide the smudges on the face. Face primer was also a must in the makeup bag of women. Liquid pink-colored lips and cheeks tints were most common among teenagers as it gives a fresh look to women. This makeup look is just perfect as it covers both the aspects of beauty and boldness.

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