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4 Types of Software Every Medical Clinic Should Be Using

by Anita Ginsburg

Software is not only an invaluable support system but also a vital tool in today’s healthcare field. A sound software system will save time and money and could have a tremendous impact on the health of your patients at your medical clinic. Here are four types of software every medical clinic should utilize.


Kareo is a cloud-based software that works best with most medical practices. Its features include e-prescribing, appointment scheduling, patient management, and integration with other systems. Kareo is compatible with most browsers and mobile devices. Kareo also provides you with manuals, videos, and set-up assistance to ensure you have everything you need to use the program effectively. You can also access the software from any location you choose.


RXNT is a software that facilitates e-prescribing and medical documentation. RXNT is one of the leading providers of e-prescribing and has been used by thousands of doctors, offices, and hospitals across the United States for over several years. RXNT is integrated with most EMRs and works well with Windows. You can create patient access accounts, generate reports and view your daily productivity. RXNT also has a large selection of free training videos, manuals, and guides.


Athenahealth is the best for care coordination for your medical clinic. It allows the organization of patient records, streamlining the doctor-patient relationship into an interface for more effective communication and easy access to files. You can schedule appointments, check past and present appointments, and much more. You can also order prescriptions and test results and share documents. athenahealth is compatible with most browsers and mobile devices. One unique feature of Athenahealth is that it allows you access from anywhere!

Health Data Management (HIMS)

The HIMS software is also among the best medical director software for your medical clinic because it allows you to store and track your patients and their health information. The software also interacts with other healthcare and government systems. This is a powerful tool for managing a medical clinic’s patient files. HIMS is easily installed and integrates into most internal systems. You can also link HIMS to your cloud server or make copies of your files on the server.

Medical software is an essential part of running a successful medical clinic. With the right software, you can increase productivity, save money, and improve how you treat your patients. It would be best if you always remembered to choose the software that will best serve your practice at your clinic conveniently.

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