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4 Benefits of Green Roof Systems

by lizzieweakley

A green roof is basically a garden that sits on top of your building. As odd as that might sound, there are many benefits to installing a green roof rather than a conventional roof if your building is designed to support such a system. This eco-roof is generally comprised of 5 layers: roof deck, waterproof membrane, filter fabric, lightweight soil, and plantings. So, what are the advantages of a green roof?


Insulates the Building

A green roof doesn’t absorb heat the way a conventional dark membrane does. The many layers of this type of roof serve as insulation to the entire building. This in turn reduces the load on the cooling system. It also helps to dampen the noise from roof mounted HVAC equipment.


Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Carbon Dioxide

The planting layer of a green roof reduces carbon dioxide by using it to create more oxygen through the increased photosynthesis of the landscaping. The reduction of cooling loads reduces the greenhouse gas emissions by lowering the amount of fossil fuels associated with the use of mechanical systems that require oil or gas and electricity to run.


Manages Stormwater Runoff

Think of a green roof as a sponge that absorbs rainwater to feed the plants. The roots of the plants, along with the soil, filter that rainwater by removing air pollutants and environmental toxins from the atmosphere and the rain itself. This results in much cleaner runoff water. It also slows down the transit of stormwater and thereby doesn’t overtax the municipal sewer system.


Adds Beauty and Improves Health

The best part of a green roof system is that it offers outdoor space that is both attractive and healthy. In addition, a well-designed roof garden provides a habitat for local birds and insects. Some green roofs can even be edible gardens and apiaries for the production of fresh produce and honey. The biodiversity of a roof garden is beneficial to both humans and wildlife. Tenants will love to come to the roof for peace and a little nature.


An eco-friendly green roof designed by a skilled landscape architect and installed by a professional familiar with the system can offer your building a superior roof that is also a benefit to your occupants and the surrounding community. Companies like United Contracting Group understand the process of installing a green roof and working with other professionals to achieve the best result. A green roof can be as simple as a pristine lawn or as intricate as a colorful garden with flowers and areas to sit and enjoy.

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