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3 Tips to Create a Mobile App with a Simple and Intuitive Interface

by Maaz
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An app that’s easy to use and intuitive is more than just a nice thing to have – it’s the difference between getting users who love your product and getting users who never want to see you again, no matter how much they loved you in the first place. Even if you’re developing an app with great features, if it’s not easy to use then many of those great features will go unused. Here are three tips to create a mobile app with an interface that people will love using.


1) Use Popular Color Palettes


One of the most important aspects of designing an interface is creating a color palette. While there is no one size fits all solution, in general, people are drawn to colors that are similar in hue, saturation, or value. One way for designers to create more intuitive interfaces is by creating color palettes that include analogous colors. Analogous colors are those adjacent on the color wheel. For example, red, orange, and yellow. These colors work well together because they have similar lightness levels. Another option is to use complementary colors which sit opposite each other on the color wheel such as blue and orange. It can be difficult to pair different hues together because their values may not match up. For example, yellow may be too dark while pink is too light. Designers should experiment with different combinations until they find what works best for their app’s user experience design needs!


2) Use Consistent Icons Across Devices


If you plan to release an app for multiple devices, it’s important that your icons are consistent across all platforms. If you use different icons for every platform, users may not be able to find the app on their device or they may get confused as which one is the ‘official’ app. By using the same icon across all devices, your users will know exactly where they can go to access the features they need.


3) Get Rid of Non-Essential Elements


The first step is simplifying the interface by removing any non-essential elements. Apps that are too cluttered or complicated can be frustrating for users, so you should remove anything that doesn’t serve an important function. For example, if your app has several different menu options, you should condense them into one or two menus. You should also remove any icons that have no correlation to your app’s purpose and design the interface in colors that are pleasing to the eye.


Final Note

Hire Mobile App Design Company will help you design your interface. They will provide you with the resources, research, and expertise that is needed to create an app that has a simple and intuitive interface.


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