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05 Stunning Steps to run a Perfect Lucky Draw Campaign

by laurasolis493
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A particular form of advertising, sweepstakes or roll of the craps, could be a resource that needs to deploy to advertise goods among many individuals. Utilizing them almost always leads to better consumer participation. But it can also lead to consumer disappointment if the customer experience is bad.

Here are 05 awesome steps to run a perfect lucky draw campaign

Choose the Right Rewards

Many brands prefer a winner-take-all approach in their campaigns. It may be true that offering a very expensive reward to the winner seems like the best decision. However, it does not leave any room for rewards for anybody else. See that you have at least 1 in 100 individuals win an award or another. You should have a permanently allocated budget. Campaigns of this type successfully build trust among a lot of consumers. And it goes a long way in creating a positive image of this brand.

Get the Focus on Point for Lucky Draw

In some instances, betting on the best of the lottery draws doesn’t work, and this is because the public isn’t give the opportunity to learn about the promotion. After you’ve discovered through advertising the draw, there’s nothing left to lose. Such campaigns need to have multiple communication platforms with an emphasis on in-store messaging. Successful in-store promotions frequently require the features of packaging reconstruction, POSM configuration, etc.

Digital Technology for Lucky Draw

The actual process of the draw itself can baffle people. Even if it’s for a large-scale occasion with a lot of participants and winners. It’s also advisable to have a video of the actual process of the draw.

The easiest way to simplify everything is by using technology. There are a few open-source lucky draw software available online and one can easily do it using Excel. By using such a tool, the actual procedure for drawing is easy.

When it comes to simplifying everything in your life, there’s no better way than using technology. These days, there are all sorts of open-source lucky draw software available online that can help you take care of everything from organizing your thoughts to managing your finances.

One of the best things about using technology to simplify your life is that it can help you save a lot of time. For example, if you’re using a lucky draw software to manage your finances, you can automatically keep track of all your expenses and income so that you don’t have to waste time doing it manually.

Not only can technology help you save time, but it can also help you stay organized and on track with all aspects of your life.

Always Follow the Law of The Land

Lucky draw campaigns are always different from other consumer promotions and regulate it through special provisions of law dealing with gambling. In some states, it is illegal to run such campaigns. Follow the law exactly and don’t attempt to bypass it in any way. Implementing technology to keep tabs on your lottery draw is another example of this as it makes it feasible for audits doesn’t carry out. Furthermore, Section 194a of the Income Tax Act states, “For rewards worth over INR 10000, a (30.9%) gift tax collects from the person conferring a gift before providing a reward,” resulting in the recipient receiving the reward without reward tax. Following the law of the land to the letter prevents any problems in the long run.

Utilize Multi-Platform Communication

The authentic operations behind these initiatives start by defining the distribution of the prizes. There are different documents that collects from the winner (ID verification, Address verification, Proof of purchase, etc.) and all of these go through verification steps. Winners should inform on a regular basis to update them about the progress in their reward. It is crucial that they keep communication open. To ensure that they are up to date on the status of the reward. This skill is truly a work of art! Timely communication by means of phone calls, couriers, SMS, WhatsApp, etc., with all winners during the entire process allows the prize logistics is happily while people leave with a positive experience. The easiest way to run a perfect campaign however would be to avail the services of expert organizations like ours to run your campaign. You can go through our case studies on similar All India Lucky Draw sim card campaigns here and get in touch with us to help you out here.

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